This blog is a project of Brad and Alys Davis.  Ploughmen’s Kitchen is a lifestyle blog and e-commerce site, for pro-sumer chefs, that combines community, content, and a currated list of high quality kitchenware and utensils, to simplify the job of eating well on a budget.

We call it our guide to eating well in modern life.

After we had our first child, we found it difficult to stay healthy. Some diets would work, some that had worked before were no longer feasible (do not try fasting while taking care of a child). There were plenty of resources on what to do to keep up your health and you families health but it was time consuming to dig through all of the content to find the right answers.

When we talked to friends in the same situation we found out they were having the same problem too. We decided to start sharing what we had found and exchanging ideas with our friends. This website is a collection of what we have found to work the best and how to enjoy food when there is work, family, and friends going on at the same time.