4 ways to use a French Press

Making coffee in a french press creates a smooth, rich cup of coffee, but that is not the only thing a french press is useful for.

  1. Herbal Tea:
    It doubles as a tea top, making it easy to infuse your favorite flavor.
  2. Chicken Broth:
    At Yuji Ramen, french presses are used to make and serve a mussel/chicken.

    Each diner is presented with a French press filled with torched mussel shells, shaved bonito, and a mussel-chicken broth. via: serious eats

  3. Froth Milk:
    Frothy milk is a rich addition to just about any drink. Add a bit of warm milk to your french press and gently pump the plunger…. I will let Todd explain it.
  4. Rinse Quinoa:
    Quinoa is the most mis-understood grains out there, but for those who have figured it out, its a great source of nutrition and energy (I suggest it with honey and dried cherries). All the good recipes say to rinse before cooking but do not offer a good option.  You can also rinse rice or just about any other grain as well, which is almost always suggested.