How To Cold Brew Your Morning

Cold brew has taken off ever since Starbucks put it on their summer menu. They have told a great story of the craftsmanship needed to create a beautiful cup of cold brew coffee, brewed slowly and thoughtfully. So I thought I would write a post walking everyone through the steps needed to bring the magic of cold brew coffee to their own kitchen.

Here’s the the thing though: THERE IS NO MAGIC.

It is super easy to brew cold brew coffee. 10 mins of work; no heating water; easy cleanup. It’s the original Keurig. The only real step is getting the right ratio of water to coffee grounds.

Just remember: patience is a virtue. Let us know if you make this!

French Press Cold Brew Coffee

  • Servings: 8
  • Time: 18hours
  • Difficulty: easy
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french press cold brew coffee



  • 2 ounces (3/4 cup) coarsely ground coffee dark roast
  • 12 cups water (we suggest filtered)


  1. If you are starting with whole bean coffee, grind your beans right before you start. If you have finely ground beans make sure to have a coffee filter to strain the coffee afterwards. If you are using a french press, you can take apart the strainer and place a coffee filter in between the metal layers.
  2. If you have a kitchen scale, place your french press on the scale and zero out the weight. Then add your grounds until you get to 2 ounces. If you are not measuring your coffee with a scale you should consider it. As crazy as it sounds, it is the best way to get an accurate measurement and consistent coffee every time.
  3. Pour your cool or room temperature water into the grounds, stirring half way through. You are using more grounds for this than other methods of making coffee, so you will need to stir the grounds into the water to get everything even.
  4. Wait. Most recipes say you will need at least 12 hours. I found that 18 hours was the best amount of time. It will depend on the beans you use, how much coffee grounds you put in, and how strong you want your coffee. After 18 hours, press down on the french press plunger, or strain out the coffee grounds.

Normal rules apply for adding to your coffee, but I found a little cream goes a long way. Cold brew coffee has very low bitterness and mellow. You may find it easier to drink it black, with nothing added. If you are looking for sweet coffee you will need to find a syrup, as sugar will not dissolve well into cold brew coffee.

Be prepared to drink more than you are used to get your morning jolt. Cold brew coffee has less caffeine than with other brewing methods, due to the cold water not breaking down the coffee.